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I got a new client today who is pretty much awesome. He keeps making cracks about how he's officially "elderly" now and therefore can't do anything himself. This is a perfectly capable old man, by the way, except for lung and heart problems that mess up his stamina. I'm pretty much there to help him clean house so he doesn't have to get too winded. He also told me that's why I could come in without knocking, because he was officially too old to fill the house with dancing naked ladies.

Not only was he hilarious, but he had a lot of art hanging on the walls and in books, not to mention a Mardi Gras costume in his closet.

Anyway, while that was awesome, my other client is in the hospital, which is significantly less awesome. :( I went to visit him, and I probably should have stayed longer, but he didn't know me that well and I felt a little awkward.

Another not awesome thing (in a different way) is that eBay won't let me know what my username is, and I really want to buy a new door handle for my car so I don't have to roll down the window every time I want to exit the drivers seat.

Seriously, eBay. Fo' real?


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Apr. 24th, 2009 05:49 am (UTC)
Hmm, my sis just got a weezer cd. Using the window can be fun, just pretend you a nascar driver lol.
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