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I'm not even the same lady

It has been too long since I posted here for that to be the case.

Even in the last nine months my life has flipped upside down eight or nine times. Or more.

-I no longer speak with Thomas, Alexis, or my father.
-I no longer speak with Alex, first because of a falling out, then because of a car wreck.
-Cosmo the Magnificent bit the dust, too. Both of these friends died in October '09.
-I no longer speak with Leah.
-I'm getting over it fast, thanks to a very good friend becoming my girlfriend once more. It was about time, really.

My words are all trite. I am becoming trite. But right now, I am happy. If a bit overwhelmed.

I don't have a lot to do right now. I guess I should read a book, or better yet, do homework. But I was thinking about this blog and decided I should see what has changed. As described above, a lot has.

What my life looks like now:

-My house is filled with cool people, thrift store finds, DIY projects, dog hair, happiness, and organic junk food.
-My heart is filled with love for myself.
-I'm giving some of that self and love to Panda, because she deserves it.
-I'm healing from a year and 11 months of mutual abuse and disaster from Leah.
-I work a little, go to school a little.
-Spend too much money, do too little homework.
-I've spent a lot of time in therapy, to the point where I think I know more about what I need than my therapist does. Success.
-I'm studying psychology. Someday I will be a therapist.
-For once I finally know what I want to do with myself, and this feels great.


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