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2009 thus far

After the last post, New Year's Day was amazing. I literally got back to Leah's friend's party as the ball dropped, and after that the whole day was amazing. I wish we didn't fight so much, but December was hectic.

So far this year, I've mostly been riddled with mono. So that hasn't been great, either.

Except that there are certain arms that can go around you and make you realize that life is good even when you can't sleep because of how closed your throat is. There are some faces that make you happy enough to be near them even if you can't kiss them for fear of being contagious. There is a girl in my life that makes me happy to call her mine, even while we are fighting.

I admit that December was full of too many misunderstandings, but I believe that it was in the stars. I've been keeping up with them, and they said that December would be tense. They also say that this month, and in fact this year, will be a lot easier on me.

I think the people who don't believe in astrology are just the ones who don't look hard enough into it. But that may be the crazy hippie in me talking.

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