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a queezee feaalin in ma Gut.

I haven't posted since Inauguration Day? Hm.

Life has started getting to be a bit much lately. I had to move out of my house because people like to cause drama more than they like to be considerate of the people living with them. Leah also moved to Fayetteville. There has been a lot of tension there, probably because we are both so stressed out. She starts her new job today. She's horribly and utterly unhappy to be here. It would be nice to feel like she loved me.

I'm really emo, btw. Kind of happens when my abandonment issues are triggered by friends leaving, girlfriend problems, and my dad seeming like he really wanted to disown me.

He wanted to disown me because I ended up dropping out of school when things got too insane. So I responded with "j/k lulz!" He doesn't think I'm a failure anymore, but I guess by his standards I am one.

I didn't really want to be an artist anyway. I mean, I want to leave that to the people who are obsessed with it. I was never obsessed with art. Art was just what I did.

I hope to be obsessed with art in the future. But that's not going to happen until I do art for fun instead of class and work.

Waiting on a call from Home Instead Senior Care, who will hopefully let me take care of the elderly for moneys, since I failed at getting a degree just yet.

In the meantime, I have too many days off. I want to use three or four of these days off to go on a solo backpacking trip. Actually, I got more days off so I could go on a backpacking trip.

I keep forgetting to check the weather for next week.


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Mar. 18th, 2009 05:15 pm (UTC)
it's hard being in the same house with my parents when i know all they can see is how much i've screwed up. it's almost like everyone is waiting for the next shoe to drop.. for me to just hit bottom and accept my fate. it's hard being happy when you have no inspiration. i guess what i'm trying to say is that we're in a pretty similar boat. my life was supposed to follow some path.. and at the last minute i just.. ran in the opposite direction. sighhhh. anyway! i bet you're amazing, you at least sound amazing on paper. so if you'd like to be pals, i think that would be very spectacular.

hang in there!

ps. you replied to my comment on ikissgirls, i'm not just a random stalker. ;]
Mar. 18th, 2009 07:35 pm (UTC)
Re: hm.
Aw darn, but I love random stalkers, lol. But we can be pals anyway. :)

What I hate about society is that there is a very specific path for everyone to be on (i.e. college), and yet it's not specific enough to know what to do with it (i.e. major, career). It's a double edged sword. I've been in college for four years and I'm just now realizing that I went the wrong way.

Yay for alternative methods!
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