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Today is mother fucking frustrating.

I'm tired of job hunting. I'm tired of not being able to see anyone all week, only to have to work massive amounts of time all weekend.

This is my first full weekend off in a really long time. I don't even get to see Leah until 8:30 today. That's half an hour before I would get to see her if I DID work. I don't care if she makes plans with her friend but why TONIGHT?

I get to do the same thing on my Friday night off as I do on all of my weekdays off. Sit around, do nothing, get bored of the fucking internet. And I've even done all of my errands, so that's not even going to fill up my time anymore. This isn't worth the 3 hour work week I get because of this damn time off.

I would hang out with friends, but they're all busy, thanks to a Ben Folds concert. I would have gone to see my mom, except this happens to be the first day she and her husband have the same night off in awhile. So they're in my shoes, except they're actually getting to spend time together.

I fucking hate my life sometimes. I wish I didn't let these things get to me, but I'm always so lonely. I'm always either lonely or stressed out by working when I *could* be hanging out with people.


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